Verse Mapping Psalm 1 verse 1

Psalm 1:1 Verse Mapping Bible Study

In this video, I do a verse mapping Bible study on Psalm 1:1. I share my process and finding with you as I dug into Psalm 1:1, including Hebrew word studies, what I learned though commentaries, study Bibles, and sermons on Psalm 1.

I also share my personal insights into the Bible verse, and my own takeaways.

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Time Stamps

  • 00:00 Introduction 01:04
  • Verse map tool overview 02:17
  • Reading and highlighting 02:47
  • Hebrew word study 06:47
  • Put verse into own words 07:45
  • Personal insight 09:17
  • Other translations 10:34
  • Cross references 11:39
  • Personal insight 13:10
  • Insight from others 13:44
  • Study Bibles 15:11
  • Commentaries 17:50
  • Skip Heitzig sermon 17:50
  • Questions, Insights, Application 21:01

Links Mentioned in This Video

Bible Gateway
Blue Letter Bible
King James Study Bible (Amazon)
NIV Grace and Truth Study Bible (Amazon)
NIV Study Bible (Amazon)
Believer’s Bible Commentary (Amazon)
The Expositor’s Bible Commentary, Old Testament (Amazon)
Sermon by Skip Heitzig on Psalm 1

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